The Mad Dance of Fantastic Phantoms: by Caleb Ajinomoh


Anaza dies on June 2nd. But on that day, he will walk into Aunty Orahachi’s bar and buy drinks for young men who are tired of looking for white collar jobs, who cut grass in homes where all the virile adult men have gone off to big cities, who impregnate bread hawker’s daughters and argue with their own mothers and lock their sisters out for keeping late nights, who barricade themselves in their ignorance of how politics works and will slit their own father’s throats if the man whose name is installed underneath “Donated by” at the community tap or borehole, requires it. He will also buy drinks for his peers, far less successful men, who although they’d seen life for as long as he had, were not lucky to have two wives who loved one husband equally, or six children who had all brought men home, or large…

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