Day 02: OmniTerra

Jeremiah's Scribbles


We have @TheVunderkind

And with Vunderkind, you know you’ll get witty jokes and all.

Hey, OmniTerra! That’s MY
Parking Space!
It’s interesting, the places you
wind up if you cultivate a modest,
buttock-ogling habit early on in
Take Cosmos, for example. He
wouldn’t have been here, on an
alien planet
sequestered prominently just
outside Earth’s orbit if hadn’t
the outspoken personality of
Cassandra’s buttocks. It was
amazing how
brutal hindsight tended to be,
stripping down the complexities of
thought and singling out that one
very embarrassing event that set
everything else falling like
dominoes set by a very patient,
bored and
slightly OCD-plagued human being.
Cassandra, you see, was quite the
voluptuous vixen, and before she
decided to embrace the vaguely
noble profession that is
Astrophysics, she
had done her Youth Service in
Benin City. At a certain Ekiadolor
College of
Education. Where…

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