Some Nights

For The Ravenous


Some nights, it’s me against the world,
Some nights I take its side and let my mind grow cold,
Some nights I’m Antarctica, some nights I’m the Saharan,
Some nights I’m a deserter, some nights I fight like a man,
Some nights I marvel at what I engender,
Some nights, I’m paralyzed, hung up on my calendar,
Some nights I call back, some nights I’m on flight mode,
Some nights I’m hexadecimal, some nights I’m Morse code,
Some nights I focus on what’s won and ignore the zeroes,
Some nights I’m in need of help, searching for my heroes,
Some nights I’m saved, some nights I feel like a sinner,
Some nights I crave forbidden fruit, some nights I can’t stand dinner,
Some nights I always win, and that’s fun,
Some nights I lose sleep and let my mind run,
Some nights I stumble, some nights I stand tall,

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